Innovation and Police Work. “Follow the rules”

auteur Maarten Nacinovic
tijdschrift Cahiers Politiestudies (ISSN: 1784-5300)
jaargang Jaargang 2011
aflevering 20. Technology-led policing
onderdeel Artikelen
publicatie datum 25 augustus 2011
taal English
pagina 261

In this article the author gives examples of innovative projects within the Dutch police and he converts his experiences into guidelines and even strict rules that could or (in case of the rules) should be followed in order to get successful innovative projects. This is done by presenting a Research Matrix for matching technology and business needs, then presenting characteristics of (potential) successful projects followed by an Innovation Model with rules that should be followed with innovative projects. The bottom line is that innovative projects shouldn’t be managed like normal projects though there are some rules and characteristics that should be taken into account carefully. In the last part, the author describes the current innovation trends within the Dutch police. As other organization, the use of data and consumerization of tools and devices is also apparent here.