GOFS - Governance of Security Research Paper Series

In today’s globalised society an international exchange of ideas and views is indispensable within the field of social sciences, including criminology and criminal justice studies. The Research Group Governance of Security wants to foster contemporary international discourses on issues of crime and crime control. Therefore, in 2008 Gofs started a Research Paper Series, combining theoretical and empirical articles on issues reflecting the research activities of Gofs. This research group is a collaboration between Ghent University and Ghent University College in Belgium. Gofs is concentrating its research around the study of administrative and judicial policy that has been developed with respect to new issues of crime and insecurity. This Series appears annually comprising current perspectives especially on policing, law and regulation, governance initiatives on the European level, financial and economic crimes, drugs and drug related issues, research methods in the study of crime and crime control, new criminal phenomena, and theoretical criminology, written by members of the Research Group Governance of Security. The Series contains articles that have been submitted to peer review by internationally renowned scholars (GPRC).


European Criminal Justice and Policy

Social conflicts, citizens and policing

EU Criminal Justice, Financial & Economic Crime: new perspectives

EU and International Crime Control. Topical Issues

Safety, Societal Problems and Citizens' Perceptions. New Empirical Data, Theories and Analyses

Readings on Criminal Justice, Criminal Law & Policing

Contemporary Issues in the Empirical Study of Crime