The Challenge of Change. Adaptation strategies for effective policing in practice

auteurs Rutger Rienks
  Jacques Tuin
tijdschrift Cahiers Politiestudies (ISSN: 1784-5300)
jaargang Jaargang 2011
aflevering 20. Technology-led policing
onderdeel Artikelen
publicatie datum 25 augustus 2011
taal English
pagina 219

The police must always be able to prove its worth in making society a safer place. If it is no longer able to make good this promise, the legitimacy of the institution becomes questionable – an untenable situation. In today’s rapidly changing world, the challenge for the police is to keep one step ahead of criminals who are increasingly profiting from the opportunities opened up by technological advances. The race against criminals forces the police institution to change, and the subject of the present article is the evolving police. But the Dutch police is a dogged organization, with a compulsive tendency to fall back on the familiar. This article examines the current situation in line with four important principles from the theory of change management: vision, flexibility, implementation form, and motivation.
Examples from policing practice are introduced to illustrate barriers, opportunities, and solutions. Looking to the future, it will be crucial for the Dutch police to take a more flexible and open stance and to implement a clear strategy. The key lies in strengthening and expanding the organization’s ability to learn and adapt.