Tackling Trafficking in Human Beings in a security integrated Europe. Addressing the challenges using Trafficking Schematics

author Anastasia Koulouri
journal EJPS (ISSN: 2034-760X)
volume Volume 4
issue Issue 1: Policing in Times of Uncertainty - Guest Editors: Mo Egan, Anastasia Koulouri & Kenneth Swinton
section Articles
date of publication Sept. 15, 2016
language English
pagina 12
keywords EU security, organized crime, Trafficking in human beings, rational choice theory

This paper aims to conceptualise trafficking in human beings (THB) as an organised crime by drawing on the rational choice theory. Utilising crime scripting principles, it proposes trafficking schematics to capture and visualise THB in its entirety. Stemming from its transnational nature and varying conceptualisations, combatting THB faces challenges, such as the lack of harmonisation of policy instruments and differing stakeholder agendas. To mitigate these challenges, this paper proposes trafficking schematics. Their core lies in the modelling of THB constituent elements, including stages and their sequence, key actors and relationships, and financial modus operandi. Trafficking schematics may therefore contribute to addressing THB in a holistic, dynamic and integrated way, by enriching stakeholders’ understanding of the phenomenon and facilitating collaboration to address it. The paper contributes to theory and practice by drawing up a model of the procedural, human, logistical and environmental elements of THB that may be viewed as an instrument of public value creation.