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International Review of Penal Law

Revue Internationale de Droit Pénal

International Review of Penal Law

Revista internacional de Derecho Penal

Международное обозрение уголовного права


المجلة الدولية للقانون الجنائ 

Revista Internacional de Direito Penal

Rivista internazionale di diritto penale

Internationale Revue für Strafrecht

Founded in 1924

c/o The Siracusa International Institute
Via Logoteta 27, 96100 Siracusa, Italy


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The International Review of Penal Law is the primary publication medium and core scientific output of the International Association of Penal Law.

It contributes to the development of ideas, knowledge, and practices in the field of penal sciences. Combining international and comparative perspectives, the RIDP covers criminal law theory and philosophy, general principles of criminal law, special criminal law, criminal procedure, and international criminal law. The RIDP is published twice a year. Typically, issues are linked to the Association’s core scientific activities, i.e. the AIDP conferences, Young Penalist conferences, world conferences or, every five years, the International Congress of Penal Law. Occasionally, issues will be dedicated to a single, topical scientific theme, validated by the Scientific Committee of the Association, comprising high-quality papers which have been either presented and discussed in small-scale expert colloquia or selected following an open call for papers. The RIDP is published in English only.

All contributions are subject to double-layered peer-review. The primary scientific and peer review responsibility for all issues lies with the designated Scientific Editor(s) of the journal issue. The additional scientific quality control is carried out by the Executive Committee of the Editorial Board, which may turn to the Committee of Reviewers for supplementary peer review.