De instroom van migranten en etnische minderheden in de drughulpverlening

Een verkennende studie

authors Eva Blomme
  Charlotte Colman
  Charlotte De Kock
journal Panopticon (ISSN: 771-1409)
volume Jaargang | Volume 38
issue Issue 2. March / April 2017
section Artikel | Article
date of publication March 9, 2017
language Dutch
pagina 102
keywords migrant and ethnic minorities, migranten en etnische minderheden, vertegenwoordiging, drughulpverlening, representation, barrières, barriers, drug treatment

The representation of migrants and ethnic minorities in drug treatment: a prospective study
Ethnic diversity within drug treatment has not often been researched in Belgium. This study explores the representation of migrants and ethnic minorities in Belgian drug treatment, followed by the examination of different barriers that migrants and ethnic minorities encounter during various phases of treatment (i.e. intake, referral, treatment, discharge) and several kinds of treatment (day-care centres, medical and social care centres, crisis centres, therapeutic communities).

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