RIDP 87(1).jpg International Review of Penal Law

Revue Internationale de Droit Pénal

Revista internacional de Derecho Penal

Международное обозрение уголовного права


المجلة الدولية للقانون الجنائ 

Founded in 1924

12 rue Charles Fourier, 75013 Paris (France)

e-mail: info@maklu.be

Somersstraat 13-15, 2018 ANTWERP (Belgium)

The International Review of Penal Law is the primary medium and core scientific product of the International Association of Penal Law. It contributes to the development of ideas, knowledge and practices in the field of penal sciences. Combining  international and comparative perspectives, the RIDP covers general theory and penal philosophy, general penal law, special penal law, criminal procedure and international penal law. The two RIDP issues published every year each follow a clearly thought-out direction.

One issue a year is dedicated to the Association’s traditional scientific activities and links into an annual AIDP conference, a world conference or, every five years, the International Congress of Penal Law. The organised colloquia generates final reports and resolutions which will be compiled in a single issue. Throughout its five year cycle, the Association’s core scientific outputs will thus be systematically published as thematic, single-topic issues of the Revue.

The other issue will usually be dedicated to a single, topical scientific theme, chosen by the Scientific Committee, but disconnected from the organisation of the traditional conferences or the Congress. Facilitated by ISISC and the AIDP Network for Criminal Justice, small-scale expert colloquia will be organised in which leading experts will have the opportunity to present high-quality papers that will subsequently be published as an RIDP issue. In doing so, the Association will seek to contribute to the scientific quality of important penal debates even beyond its traditional conference or Congress activities. 

By organizing peer review and having leading academics and experts function as proper scientific editors, the core objective of ensuring scientific excellence will be realized. Considering English to be the lingua franca of science, the RIDP will in principle be published in English as from 2016 onwards.