De juiste persoon op de juiste plaats? Een voortdurende zoektocht naar de optimale organisatie van de selectie van politieambtenaren in België

auteurs Anse Stevens
  Antoinette Verhage
  Sofie De Kimpe
tijdschrift Panopticon (ISSN: 771-1409)
jaargang Jaargang | Volume 43
aflevering Issue 2. Maart-April 2022
onderdeel Artikel | Article
publicatie datum 20 april 2022
taal Dutch
pagina 170
keywords police, selectie, werving, politie

The right person in the right place? A continuous search for the optimal organization of the selection of police officers in Belgium
In this paper, we reflect on the selection procedure of police officers in Belgium, which has changed significantly since the police reform. Since then, the selection has been organized centrally by the Federal Police, and all candidates are screened according to a competence profile during the selection tests. This aimed to address several problems, such as a different procedure per police force (Municipal Police, Gendarmerie and Judicial Police at the time), a strong focus on physical characteristics, and inequality due to the supra-local, provincial organization. Recent changes, however, show a trend towards a more decentralized approach. The aim of this paper is to map the evolution and the current organization of the procedure through important developments. The contribution is based on a thorough literature study, a policy analysis, and interviews with three experts.