It takes two to tango

Over de samenwerking tussen de forensische en juridisch- wetenschappelijke disciplines voor de aanvaardbaarheid van forensisch bewijs

auteur Sofie Depauw
tijdschrift Panopticon (ISSN: 771-1409)
jaargang Jaargang | Volume 38
aflevering Issue 1. January / February 2017
onderdeel Artikel | Article
publicatie datum 1 februari 2017
taal Dutch
pagina 24
keywords mutual admissibility of evidence, Europees strafrecht, Forensische wetenschap, European criminal law, wederzijdse bewijsaanvaardbaarheid, Forensic science

In this article, a first step is taken towards ensuring the legal admissibility of forensic evidence in the courtroom. Despite efforts made by both the forensic and the legal scientific communities to improve admissibility chances, the lack of coordinated cooperation between both has resulted in little helpful action. Such action is, however, necessary, not only with regard to national acceptance, but also in view of a larger European ‘free movement of evidence’. Developing minimum standards, a possibility foreseen in article 82.2 TFEU, that integrate the main reasons for refusal of evidence, implies that the grounds for refusal or ‘fundamental principles of law’ are identified within both communities. This article pinpoints these crucial fundamental principles of law on the basis of a literature review and case-law analysis, focussing on the judicial fair balance requirement between the government and individuals involved, and forensic quality requirement of actors involved and actions performed.

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