Verdiepingen en verschuivingen in het hulp- en dienstverleningslandschap aan gedetineerden

Reflecties bij het nieuwe strategisch plan 2015-2020

auteurs Bart Claes
  Dorien Brosens
tijdschrift Panopticon (ISSN: 771-1409)
jaargang Jaargang | Volume 36
aflevering Issue 6. November / December 2015
onderdeel Artikel | Article
publicatie datum 23 november 2015
taal Dutch
pagina 519
keywords strategic plan, participation, Hulp- en dienstverlening, strategisch plan, detentie, Social aid, participatie, prison

Elaborations on the shifts in the landscape of social aid and services for prisoners. Reflections on the
new strategic plan 2015-2020
On 17 July 2015, the Flemish government approved the first strategic plan for the period 2015-2020 in
relation to the social aid and assistance for detainees in prisons in Flanders and Brussels. This plan follows Flemish law of 2013 on the organisation of social aid and services which provides the drafting of
such a strategic plan for each legislature. In this article we focus on the historical evolution of the forms of social aid and services in Flemish and Brussels prisons, and also outline the context in which the current social aid and services takes place. Then we will discuss a number of strategic options for the future which are included in this new strategic plan 2015-2020 and focus on more overarching themes namely (1) the bridge between inside and outside prison, (2) the growing participation and involvement of prisoners and (3) health care for certain prisoners with specific needs.

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