Forensische pilootprojecten ‘medium security

Herval in delictgedrag na behandeling van geïnterneerden ressorterend onder CBM Gent

auteurs Inge Jeandarme
  Claudia Pouls
  Ciska Wittouck
  Freya Vander Laenen
  Michèle Ampe
  Rudy Verelst
  Steven Degrauwe
  T.I. Oei
  Stefan Bogaerts
tijdschrift Panopticon (ISSN: 771-1409)
jaargang Jaargang | Volume 36
aflevering Issue 3. May / June 2015
onderdeel Artikel | Article
publicatie datum 18 mei 2015
taal Dutch
pagina 227

Medium Security Units in Flanders: Relapse after Treatment of Forensic Psychiatric Patients under the
Authority of the Commission of the Protection of Society Ghent
Recidivism rates for forensic medium security patients (‘internees’) in Flanders are lacking. The current article discusses recidivism rates in a medium security population under the authority of the Commission
of the Protection of Society (CPS) Ghent. The research consisted of two studies. In the first study, recidivism was based on official convictions; in the second study a second outcome measure was taken
into account (‘incidents’). The base rate in the first study was 13% for general and 7% for violent recidivism. This increased to 40% in the second study, indicating that incidents are often not brought to court. Habitual offenders recidivated more than occasional offenders.

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