Stoppen met criminaliteit door jongvolwassen veelplegers: de rol van de vriendin en de moeder

author Ido Weijers
journal Panopticon (ISSN: 771-1409)
volume Jaargang I Volume 41
issue Issue 6. November / December 2020
section Artikel | Article
date of publication Dec. 3, 2020
language Dutch
pagina 516
keywords veelplegers, young adults, desistance, persistent offenders, jongvolwassenen

Desistance from crime by young adult repeat offenders: the role of girlfriends and mothers
Female significant others in the lives of repeat offenders are assigned a good measure of responsibility
for protection against further offending. This article explores the role of girlfriends and mothers of
young adult persistent offenders in the process of desistance from crime as experienced by these young
men. It presents the results of 21 in-depth interviews with persistent offenders. We conclude that it does
not seem likely that a young recidivist would desist because of his girlfriend. However, a secure, lasting
relationship could have a positive influence on a young repeat offender, once the young man has decided
to quit. The parents appear to play a more pivotal role, that is, as soon as the young adult persister
realizes what misery his criminal lifestyle brought to his parents.

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