Interculturalism in the Police

Diversity or Assimilation?

author Daniela Klimke
journal EJPS (ISSN: 2034-760X)
volume Volume 2
issue Issue 4: Migrants as Police Officers – Guest Editors: Daniela Klimke & Fritz Sack
section Articles
date of publication May 19, 2015
language English
pagina 363
keywords ethnic minority police officer, diversity, police culture

The German police force has so far largely been unaffected by the growing minority of migrants. In contrast to many large companies that have understood that diversity is rewarding, the police have operated as a closed shop towards migrants. Diversity management is a very recent concept in the German police forces compared to other countries. While the active police force largely expresses some resistance to the integration of migrants, police administration has understood that the integration of migrants into the police force is now of vital importance. However, this process is still hampered by the existing police and cop culture and, correspondingly, the rejection of anything foreign.