Tides and Currents of Social Control

The Drift of Community Policing, a Belgian case...

author Tom Van den Broeck
journal Cahiers Politiestudies (ISSN: 1784-5300)
volume Jaargang 2012
issue 25. Tides and currents in police theories
section Artikelen
date of publication Dec. 12, 2012
language English
pagina 207

This article discusses tides and currents in modern policing from a perspective of changes in the exercise of social control and in the balance between formal and informal social control in particular. The primary focus will be on the case of Belgium which has, like other Western countries, a considerable tradition in developing (a discourse on) community policing and other community oriented security policies within and outside police agencies. This analysis will also elaborate in brief the impact of late modernity on policing and on the evolution of criminal policy in general.