Panopticon: Journal of criminal law, criminology and criminal justice

Panopticon, established in 1980, provides throughout more than three decades the essential scientific literature concerning criminology and criminal justice in the Low Countries. It is the largest academic journal Dutch language journal in its field, and its interdisciplinary scope is unique. 

Language and audience

Panopticon is written in Dutch, addressing its audience of academics and practitioners in Belgium and The Netherlands. However, bibliographical information (title, abstract, keywords) is provided in English for every article.

Content and peer review

Panopticon articles are reviewed in a strict and standardized double blind way, interdisciplinary and independently by 3 referees, who are chosen by the (Belgian and Dutch) board of editors.

The outstanding quality of its scientific content has been recognized by the Flemish Council of Universities (VLIR) that gave Panopticon the exceptional A-ranking (2005).

Other categories of content include: Editorials, Book Reviews, Discussions and - typical of Panopticon - the ‘Editorial Notes’. The latter contain APA-referenced contributions under supervision of leading experts on new developments in the following domains:

  • Police and investigation
  • Prosecution, sentencing and judiciary
  • Legal aid and representation
  • Penology and Victimology
  • Law and Mental Health
  • Social Work
  • Juvenile justice and youth care
  • Criminology and criminal law thory
  • International and European criminal law & human rights law
  • Crime and Criminal Justice statistics & Methodology

International editorial conventions

Panopticon follows international editorial conventions which optimize retrievability of source articles. These conventions include informative journal titles, fully descriptive article titles and abstracts, complete bibliographic information for all cited references, and full affiliation information for every author and contact information for the corresponding author. For bibliographic information, authors are required to use APA standards (American Psychological Association).


Panopticon is published 6 times per year, following a fixed schedule:
Issue 1: January
Issue 2: March
Issue 3: May
Issue 4: July
Issue 5: September
Issue 6: November