Organisational learning from field research in policing: How police can improve policy and practice by implementing randomised controlled trials

auteurs Laura Bedford
  Peter Neyroud
tijdschrift EJPS (ISSN: 2034-760X)
jaargang Volume 5
aflevering Special issue: Changes in policing to improve service delivery
onderdeel Articles
publicatie datum 16 juni 2018
taal English
pagina 28
keywords Police Reform, Evidence Based Policing, Organisational Learning, Randomised Controlled Field Trial, policing

Organisational Learning (OL) perspectives suggest that all organisations use evidence to adapt
and change their policies and practices. The special case of how police organisations adapt and
change in response to experiences with the implementation of Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs)
is, however, not well understood in the extant literature. The value of policing RCTs may, on the
one hand, lie in their ability to provide hard evidence or results of ‘what works’ in policing. On the
other hand, RCTs may be powerful change processes which serve to generate OL and potential
service improvements even in the absence of results. This paper presents an analysis of the results
of in-depth interviews conducted in a policing organisation that has implemented a RCT. Using an
integrated perspective of OL, we show that processes related to the experience with implementing
a RCT may have a specific potential to leverage organisational change.