Women as leaders in policing

A path forward

auteur Maria D.H. Koeppel
tijdschrift EJPS (ISSN: 2034-760X)
jaargang Volume 2
aflevering Issue 2
onderdeel Articles
publicatie datum 4 december 2014
taal English
pagina 158
keywords leadership, policing, gender

As a result of changing gender dynamics in leadership, a substantial body of literature has been dedicated to understanding differences between leadership styles and effectiveness for men and women, often finding differences between the two groups. Despite this growing body of research, there is still a substantial gap in the leadership and policing literature, specifically regarding women as leaders in policing. This paper provides an overview of the gender leadership literature both in and out of policing, as well as a succinct review of research pertaining to women as leaders in policing. Recommendations for future research are drawn from existing literature in a call for a greater understanding of the role of gender in leadership in policing.