The Sirens of « Malaga » Impact of the CCTV system of the Belgian National Railway Company on the conduct of police investigators

auteur Vincent Francis
tijdschrift Cahiers Politiestudies (ISSN: 1784-5300)
jaargang Jaargang 2011
aflevering 20. Technology-led policing
onderdeel Artikelen
publicatie datum 25 augustus 2011
taal English
pagina 97

This paper gives an account of some results stemming from a study based on the analysis of empirical data collected by means of interviews and direct observations inside the PC-video control room of the Belgian National Railway Company (SNCB). It shows the growing impact of the SNCB CCTV system (3000 cameras in 51 stations in a vast plan, named « Malaga ») on the criminal investigation practices of the railway police and of some local police bodies. Moreover, the author observes that this impact results from an SNCB strategy aiming at further confronting the criminal investigation logic on its own spatial territorium. This strategy is ultimately set up to make the SNCB spaces as threatening as possible for individuals, considered “to present a risk”.