Police Technology and Human Rights: A new quest for accountability?

auteur Quirine Eijkman
tijdschrift Cahiers Politiestudies (ISSN: 1784-5300)
jaargang Jaargang 2011
aflevering 20. Technology-led policing
onderdeel Artikelen
publicatie datum 25 augustus 2011
taal English
pagina 195

From a human rights perspective technology led policing raises questions in relation to police accountability. As part of the development of the surveillance society new police technologies including biometric databases, data collection and analysis, Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems and Conductive Energy Devices both facilitate and hinder compliance with human rights. Although they are potentially useful tools for law enforcement, the need for proper checks and balances is maintained in this chapter. Otherwise there is a risk that, quoting Mathiesen on Foucault, panoptic surveillance where the few view the many, develops. In their quest to counterbalance the extra powers that the police gain through new police technologies, human rights advocates should focus on a combination of reinforcing existent and creating police accountability mechanisms 2.0.