Het Belgisch beleid naar geweld tegen politie: 20 jaar politiehervorming, 20 jaar opeenstapeling van beleidsinitiatieven

authors Isabo Goormans
  Antoinette Verhage
  Christophe Vandeviver
journal Panopticon (ISSN: 771-1409)
volume Jaargang | Volume 43
issue Issue 2. Maart-April 2022
section Artikel | Article
publicatie datum 20 avril 2022
langue Dutch
pagina 144
keywords agressie tegen politie, beleid, police victim, politiehervorming, Geweld tegen politie, politieslachtoffer, Violence against police, aggression against police, Police Reform, policy

Belgium’s policy on violence against police: 20 years of police reform, 20 years of accumulated policy initiatives
Violence against police is more topical than ever. Since violence against police has far-reaching physical, psychosocial and social consequences, an adequate policy reaction is indispensable. This study provides an overview of the Belgian policy on violence against police, starting from the ‘Wet Politieambt’ in 1992, through the police reform in 1998, until today. Between 1992 and 2009, the topic of violence against police is only sporadically addressed in policy. The law of March 8 provides a first policy signal in 2010. The working groups of ministers Turtelboom and Milquet place violence against police prominently on the agenda in 2012. Despite this start, the policy on violence against police lacks a uniform approach until today. Hence, initiatives pile up next to each other. The first measures of Ministers Verlinden and Van Quickenborne are promising for the future and will hopefully make way for a national, coherent policy focusing on various pillars.