De revival van de nationale slachtofferschapsenquête: naar een veiligheidsmonitor 2.0?

author Wim Hardyns
journal Panopticon (ISSN: 771-1409)
volume Jaargang I Volume 41
issue Issue 1. Januari / Februari 2020
section Artikel | Article
publicatie datum 29 janvier 2020
langue Dutch
pagina 42
keywords Veiligheidsmonitor, Slachtofferschapsenquête, Security monitor, Methodology, Victim survey, Methodologie

The revival of the national victim survey: towards a security monitor 2.0?
The Belgian security monitor (‘veiligheidsmonitor’) originated in 1997. In total, seven national victim
survey were taken between 1997 and 2009. After 2009, a long period without a national victim survey
broke in. Untill 2018, when the Belgian security monitor revived with a response record of 168,206 citizens.
In this contribution we look back to the past decennium without security monitor, and we especially
look forward by making a 12-point action plan of how we can design a measurement instrument
that deals with the security challenges of tomorrow.

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