‘Thanks, that wasn’t bad at all’

Using Appreciative Inquiry to investigate a strengths-based approach to the reintegration of sex offenders

author David Thompson
journal GERN (ISSN: )
volume 2014
issue 2. Desistance, social order and responses to crime
section Article
publicatie datum 1 août 2014
langue English
pagina 47

This paper emerges from recent empirical research examining the perspectives of convicted sex offenders who have participated in Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) in England and Wales. As a result of the potential difficulties identified in traditional research approaches, the appreciative inquiry approach, with its focus on positive and generative questions was adopted. The paper specifically focuses on the use of appreciative inquiry in interviewing sex offenders (or ‘core members’ as they are
referred by CoSA) and uses data from interviews to reflect on the use of this particular approach in a difficult environment.