A long journey towards social inclusion?

How Chilean women desisted from crime after three decades of offending

author Carolina Villagra
journal GERN (ISSN: )
volume 2014
issue 2. Desistance, social order and responses to crime
section Article
publicatie datum 1 août 2014
langue English
pagina 29

Female desistance is an underexplored topic within criminology, and when referring to non-western societies research is almost non-existent. This paper presents some preliminary analyses of research on how and why offenders desist from crime in Chile. Focusing on a sub-sample of women whose desistance trajectories differ from the tendencies shown in the literature, it is argued that, to understand the complexity of their desistance processes, cultural, social, and economical contexts should be taken into consideration. It became apparent in these biographies that women had to exert high levels of agency in order to overcome structural barriers to their desistance processes which were ultimately social inclusion processes.