The use of Restorative Justice in England and Wales

Preliminary findings

author Laura Parker
journal GERN (ISSN: )
volume 2013
issue 1. Crime, Violence, Justice and Social Order
section Article
publicatie datum 2 juillet 2013
langue English
pagina 129
keywords Restorative Justice, Restorative Policing

This piece discusses the use of Restorative Justice by the police in England and Wales. The foundations and theory of Restorative Justice are considered in relation to Restorative Policing and its intended application relative to police facilitated restorative processes. The research methodology is described and the subsequent findings discussed before considering that the use of the Restorative Disposal and Restorative Policing may not be truly restorative, yet useful and important in the context of policing nonetheless. It poses questions which are yet to be answered through empirical research, and presents findings which are important as the first step toward understanding the police use of Restorative Justice within England and Wales.