The supply of doping products: a neglected phenomenon

The case of cycling

author Bertrand Fincoeur
journal GERN (ISSN: )
volume 2013
issue 1. Crime, Violence, Justice and Social Order
section Article
publicatie datum 2 juillet 2013
langue English
pagina 75
keywords doping, sports

This article is intended to draw criminologists’ attention to a semi-illegal market which criminology has so far largely neglected: the market for doping substances or methods. Although this market involves more users than the market for some illegal drugs, the topic of doping has been mostly regarded as a problem of the sports world, particularly of its headline-making but small elite segment and, as such, it has been neglected by criminologists. Specifically, whereas scholars from other disciplines, primarily biomedicine and sport sciences, have conducted numerous studies on doping, few studies have addressed the supply of doping products. In this article, we establish the baseline for possible studies by other criminologists on this topic. We also give some first results of ongoing research on cycling.