European Journal of Policing Studies - EJPS

Open access or not? The choice is yours.

Due to the rising demand for Open Access by the academic community and major research funders, EJPS from now on offers the authors the option to choose for Open Access.

Individual authors have the possibility to open up their articles for free access from day one. To enable this, a low cost of 499 euro is requested from the author (, his/her institution or funder) to process the article. This is possible at this affordable price because EJPS is a subscription journal, basically funded by subscriptions.

To keep this ‘hybrid’ system balanced, the possibility is open to a restricted amount of pages of one issue’s content.

Do you wish your article to be freely accessible?
Let us know, preferably in an early stage, when sending in your article.

Your article is already published in EJPS?
Contact your editor if open access is on your wish list.


Publish your article in EJPS

Advantages EJPS:

Benefit from:

  • the high quality international peer review services
  • prestige connected with well established traditional EJPS, both in print and on line
  • indexing by EBSCO Discovery Service
  • visible in major institutional policing stakeholders, both academic and professional
  • no long waiting queue for your article , thanks to ‘online first’ system

Advantages EJPS open access:

  • profit from the increased dissemination due to the open accessibility
  • get more citations